Thomas M. Jung

Thomas M. Jung has recently agreed to perform all consulting work associated with long term care facilities exclusively in collaboration with Horan, Martello, Morrone, P.C.

As a licensed architect, Tom spent 24 of his 30 years of state service with the NYS Department of Health, initially as a Health Facility Planner and retiring as Director of the Division of Health Facility Planning where he oversaw the state’s Certificate of Need program.  Throughout this time, Tom was intimately involved with the needs analysis, financial review, planning, design, construction aspects of CON review.  He reviewed and developed related regulations, and served as key support staff to the SHRPC and PHC (now Public Health and Planning Council).  Tom was also involved in implementation efforts associated with the Berger Commission and HEAL program.

Since 1997 Tom has been involved with development and publication of the Guidelines for Design and Construction of Healthcare Facilities, utilized throughout the U.S. as a regulatory standard and since January 2011 adopted as the New York State Hospital Code.  Tom’s experience with developing national standards, support of innovative long term care facilities (he was an early advocate of the Green House model in NYS), and involvement with the state’s CON program brings a unique perspective to HMM’s already impressive strategic planning abilities.

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