The Yardstick

Read our featured article “Who Survives In A Jungle Of Economic Chaos?”, which introduces The Yardstick!

The Yardstick packages HMM’s Operational Study with a revolutionary software package which will allow you to track the results in real time!

HMM’s Operational Study, will analyze your facility’s performance and break out results on a per unit basis. By using per unit analysis, we will be able to isolate operational issues, formulate solutions, and help generate a business plan to generate and enhance profits.

Timely and accurate information is key in today’s uncertain business environment. The Yardstick is a revolutionary software program that enables management to track their business plan in Real Time. The program utilizes established par value level indicators from the business plan and compares them with today’s statistical indicators (admissions, discharges and real-time payroll data) to generate reports that are critical to decision making. The Yardstick helps guide the admissions decision making process by providing the user with profit and loss estimates associated with an admission, by unit, in both the near and long-term. The Yardstick can generate daily margin estimate reports to keep management apprised of their success in implementation of the business plan in REAL TIME.

Combined, this package will analyze your facility’s performance, formulate solutions, turn those solutions into a business plan, and track implementation of the business plan in real time!

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