Operational Studies

Operational Studies

Meeting the Challenges of Today. Preparing for the Future.

“Long-term success comes from people buying into their own solutions.”

– Tony Morrone

Under the leadership of Tony Morrone, HMM conducts Operational studies that bring clients’ closer to their financial goals.

Operational studies provide an analytical review and evaluation of all aspects of financial and clinical results of a nursing home’s operation using benchmarking techniques. This evaluation results solutions, which are used to generate a business plan.

Operational studies also focus on educating management staff on matters of third-party reimbursement. This dialogue encourages staff to take an active role in establishing corrective strategies in both financial and clinical operations, thereby “buying into” a corrective plan to ensure long-term results.

Finally, Operational studies can be used as a method of evaluating reimbursement under Managed Care contracts. By understanding its costs, a facility can be better prepared to know what reimbursement is required from Managed Care Organizations in order to realize favorable margins.

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