Medicare and Medicaid Reporting

Using over thirty years of industry experience, HMM, CPAs LLP can assist your firm in preparation of these required reports for the Medicare and Medicaid programs and advise organizations on how to reduce the risk of audit by regulatory agencies as a result of these reports.

The staff at HMM has extensive experience preparing and reviewing Medicare and Medicaid reports for various long term care providers, including:

  • RHCF-4 Medicaid Cost Report (for Skilled Nursing Providers)
  • RHCF-2 Medicaid Cost Report (for hospital based Skilled Nursing Providers)
  • Medicare Cost Report for Skilled Nursing Providers
  • AHCF-1 Medicaid Cost Report (for Ambulatory Surgical Centers)
  • MMCOR Medicaid Cost Report (for MLTC Programs)
  • CHHA Medicaid Cost Report (for Certified Home Health Agencies)
  • LTHHCP Medicaid Cost Report (for Long Term Home Health Care Programs)
  • ICR Cost Report (for Hospitals)

This experience along with our knowledge of the rules, regulations, and emerging trends within the industry provides us with the necessary tools to prepare these reports in an efficient manner.

For more information on Medicare and Medicaid Reporting Services, contact us online or call us at (631)-265-6289.