Harness the POWER of change!

Don’t be a victim of change. Instead, harness the POWER of change. Build a Managed Care Transition Plan that aligns your operational goals and objectives with your partners and stakeholders. Managed care and data driven quality initiatives are here! Value Based Purchasing (risk based reimbursement) is right around the corner. Skilled Nursing Facilities need to understand the cost of care, the link between cost and quality of care, and how both cost and quality factor into reimbursement.

How does your facility stack up? Take our quiz…

  1. Do you DRIVE your CMS Five Star Rating and Nursing Home Quality Initiative (NHQI) scores?
  2. Are you taking advantage of all revenue opportunities?
  3. How do your revenue and expense indicators compare to your competitors?
  4. Does your Medicaid Rate cover the cost of care? If not, do you realize enough margin on Non-Medicaid payer sources to bridge the gap?
  5. Are you billing for all the services you can and collecting what is billed?
  6. Is your facility maximizing its revenue sources? Are you correlating revenue received with the cost of care?

If you answered No to any of these questions, HMM can help! Contact us today for your free consultation.