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Welcome to the HMM Billing Transition Action Group (HMM BillTAG)! Our goal is to help people stay informed about what is happening with the transition to Medicaid Managed Care, share resources, best practices, experiences, and and figure things out TOGETHER!

Please join Veronica Bencivenga, Director of HMM Consulting, as she reviews the SNF inpatient transition to Managed Care and sets the stage for the next five HMM BillTAG webcasts. In this session, Veronica will review coverage criteria, Mainstream versus MLTC plans, the difference between eligibility and enrollment, billing issues to watch for (behhold, clean claims) and some helpful resources you can use right now. Participants will have a chance to ask questions and drive the focus of future sessions to zero in on what YOU need to know!

Listen to one HMM BillTAG session or all six, the choice is yours and they are all FREE!

Reference Documents and Helpful Resources: